Naya Sport & Fun

Kayaking (2 Hours)

” Just spreading out in front of the hotel, is located a beautiful bay surrounded by splendid mangrove forests and a few minutes from the resort a white sandy beach -the perfect location for some fun kayaking. “

Bird Watching (2 hours)

” West Bali National Park is an area protected by government, it is a heaven for wild life,including several species of unique Bali birds, amongst them the rare Bali starling Bird.Bird watching is an activity not to miss when visiting Bali National Park! “


Jungle Trekking (3 hours)

” At three hours Jungle expedition to the remote area of West Bali National Park,where you can find the protected flora and fauna typical for this area. There is also a possibility to see black leaf monkeys, grey macaque monkeys, squirrels, many birds, etc… “


Rainforest Long Trekking (7 Hours)

” Explore two forests, monsoon and evergreen. Any species of animals inhabiting these includes grey macaque monkeys, kingfisher, heron, curlew and many other species of birds. In the forest you could see animals such as barking deer, deer, wild pigs, etc. If you go into the evergreen forest you could encounter the black monkeys, a species that we cannot find at another place. They live into groups and eat only leaves and fruits. “



Ijen East Java Tour

” Sitting in the heart of the Ijen crater is a sky-blue lake approximately one kilometer across. It is the biggest Crater Lake in Java. The colors of the lake contrast with the sterile moonscape of the rest of the crater, and at first glimpse you might think this a beautiful scene. It is 200 meters deep and contains about 36 million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulfur cloud. In reality, the lake has the pH of car battery acid and will quickly turn a metal can into nothing but a fizzing, bubbling memory. During the early morning hours you can see the so called “blue fire” which is pretty spectacular. “